Business Overview

We have over 200 million sports and lottery online user resources. Through years of cultivation, we have also accumulated the results of 280,000 sports tournaments and matches from the last 20 years to form an enormous big data vault. Coupled with our online-offline comprehensive strategy, we have laid down a good basis for a vertical full-coverage ecosystem.

This is our foundation and stronghold in the internet sports industry – the Great Wall that ensures our stable development.

  • Sports Community and Live-streaming

    The Crazy Sports app is the vehicle of our sports community and live-streaming business. It features diversified contents contributed by platform anchors, such as entertainment performances and watching live sports events with viewers.

    The app inherited Crazy Sports' principle of "let sports create happiness". It is dedicated to build a user-friendly, fun and exclusive community for sports enthusiasts.

  • Crazy Sports

    Crazy Sports is the main vehicle of our sports and lottery related business.

    We have more than a decade of experience in the trillion-worth China sports market. With our wealth of resources, including the experience, users and data that we have accumulated from the operations of the China Soccer Lottery website and Lottery 365 app since 2010, Crazy Sports has now developed an internet sports community and lottery information distribution platform, leveraging on its core lottery user data.

    In the last quarter of 2019, adhering to the developments in national lottery policies, we introduced the brand new “sports lottery new retail strategy”. The strategy has driven fission growth among the online and offline user base and has created a new retail model featuring O2O user redirection and consumption through both channels, thereby bringing a positive prospect of quick linear growth for Crazy Sports and the Group as a whole.

    For more information, please click here or scan the QR code to visit Crazy Sport’s official website.

  • Crazy Red Insights

    The Crazy Red Insights app was launched in 2018. As forerunner in the Chinese paid lottery recommendation market, the app provides various information such as analyses, discussions, predictions, recommendations, odds and match updates relating to football and basketball games for lottery players.

    The launch of Recommendation Compass, an AI forecasting programme that integrates multiple algorithms and prediction models to further boost the accuracy of recommendation contents published by Crazy Red Insights. The app takes lead in the paid lottery information and recommendation sector and far exceeds its peers in the market.

    For more information, please click here or scan the QR code to visit Crazy Red Insights official website.

  • Sports Lottery New Retail

    Sports Lottery New Retail

    We launched our sports lottery new retail business in the second half of 2019, where we form partnerships with different organisations to build our offline physical lottery sales services network. We collaborate with large chains to develop chain enterprise lottery sales channels, with lottery specialty stores to develop 365 Smart Stores, and with Shandong Sports Lottery Center to promote their online mobile channels.

  • Sports-related Mobile Games

    Sports-related Mobile Games

    Crazy Sports distributes multiple sports related mobile games.

    In 2019, Crazy Sports distributed Soccer Manager 2019 and Sociable Soccer in the overseas market, and distributed Soccer Manager (official Chinese version, 夢幻足球世界), Greens Dynasty (綠茵王朝), CSL Heroes (中超英雄), Realtime CSL (實況中超), CSL Cards (中超棋牌), Hotpot Mahjong (火鍋麻將) and Ode to Gallantry (俠客行) in China regions.

    Crazy Sports also cooperate with other partners to jointly operate quality games, such as the World of Legend (傳奇世界), Land of Wind (風色大陸), Dragon Warrior (龍將) and Perfect World (完美世界).