Our Business

V1 Group began its expedition in the trillion Chinese sports market in 2010, which has given it a solid foundation as a prominent pioneer in the industry. It has accumulated over a decade of experience as a leading listed company in the lottery industry, which has led to the successful operation of Lottery 365, China's largest lottery mobile user terminal, and the China Soccer Lottery website. Altogether, these platforms have over 200 million users, which has, in turn, formed a vast user community and big data vault for the Group as a core competitive advantage.

Wholly owned by V1 Group, Crazy Sports is the creator of China's leading sports community and lottery e-commerce ecosystem. It holds a wide range of domestic intellectual properties, foreign intellectual properties and industry resources. Its business scope covers Crazy Red Insights online paid lottery information services platform, sports information and video live-broadcast platform, sports related mobile games development and operation, and our new strategy to go into sports lottery new retail business, which is built upon a network of sports lottery terminals installed at renowned convenience store chains nation-wide. The Group acts swiftly and in concert with national lottery policies and as permitted by the PRC government, to expand its offline sports lottery sales terminal network. Through these actions, the Group is building a new retail model that comprises exponential growth in online and offline user base, O2O user redirection and consumption through both channels, which, in turn, brings uplifting linear growth prospects to the Group.

We focus on building innovative products and services that are highly complementary in our ecosystem, thereby enhance users experience, engagement and retention. Our mission is to utilize our global sports and digital platform to create a one-of-a-kind interactive experience for our users. Let sports create infinite happiness.