Business Overview


The arrival of the commercial 5G era has brought new opportunities to the online video industry. Further decrease in cost for live-streaming and distribution brings greater profit margin for the industry. It is expected that internet videos and live-streaming will continue to play a major role among different media channels.

We started in the internet video sector in 2005 and hold 12 licences and permits issued by national authorities, which makes us the most comprehensive internet media enterprise in the industry.


The rise of "vlogs" led to the development of the "private circulation" concept. As opposed to "public circulation", private circulation has a lower penetration, but it comes out on top in terms of significance, since it can better reach the target audience. Hence, it has the ability to generate great significance in a small circle and create great value with a small circulation.

V1+ is our vlog platform, where we are actively recruiting and cultivating online influencers. We are building up our own online influencer matrix with the construction of our Influencer Training Centre and proprietary intellectual properties.


CATV is the third arm of our "Video+" ecosystem. Headquartered in Dubai, it is a Chinese-Arabic bilingual satellite TV station, and the only Chinese-owned satellite TV station along the traditional Silk Road. Through Nilesat, CATV covers more than 500 million people across 25 countries in the Middle East, Europe, Asia and Africa.

Liangzi Port

Liangzi Port is a digital computer, communication and consumer electronics (3C) products trading platform owned by the Group. Its business scope covers distribution, wholesaling, inventory financing, e-commerce services, new business information sharing and other businesses. Based on capital supply chain management of computers, digital and communication products, it aims to build China's strongest communication industry supply chain management platform through integration of upstream and downstream resources and flexible and efficient risk management portfolios.